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Information / Resource on the Nakba

Thanks to the Internet it is a new world of access to information and perspectives on Palestine-Israel including the Nakba. No list of resources or information links can give the breadth and depth across many thousands of websites, channels and formats. There is nothing more “in the moment” than to enter “key words” e.g. Palestine, Occupation, Zionism, Nakba, BDS, into a search engine and see what it finds.

Below is a selection of recommended sites and links on the Nakba specifically. Please feel free to submit others so they can be shared. If you encounter difficulty with downloads or links which do not work, please contact us.  This page is organized in a number of sections:

Nakba Special Focus Sites
An immense site with a great wealth of information and resources about the events leading to and including 1948 with details of the 500+ destroyed villages.
(remembering in Hebrew) an Israeli NGO that works to expose the facts of the Nakba in 1948 and and ongoing injustices in Israeli society.
Dedicated to the most infamous event of the Nakba – the massacre at Deir Yassin on April 9, 1948, 5 weeks before Israel’s declaration of independence.
entitled “LEST WE FORGET – Palestine and the Nakba” gives a comprehensive view of the Nakba event especially useful discussion of Plan Dalet.
Palestinian Journeys is an interactive multifaceted timeline and journey through the many periods before and after the Nakba. A must visit.
Palestine Land Society is a treasure-trove of history and maps of Palestine, the land and its people. It is centred around the work of the great Salman Abu Sitta.
Israeli site for research and art laboratory for creating tools to understand the past and Nakba to enable people who want to live in the land (Palestine/Israel) to share it.
An encyclopedic site on the Nakba going back in history to the late 1890’s, it contains links to official documents, oral histories, videos, books, timelines and more.
The site for Al-Nakba Awareness Project presents a wellorganized chronology and overview of Zionism and later Israel in historic Palestine to the present day.
Archive numbers some 5,000 posters about Palestine (including historical one) from myriad sources making it the largest such archive in the world.

Nakba Videos

The full length documentaries below are available on YouTube Channel –
Hundreds more can be found as trailers or in entirety as 10-20 minute segments.Many can be seen for under $5 on streaming sites.

Al-Nakba is four full-length episodes produced by al-Jazeera in 2014. Taken together this is the most comprehsive view available on video.

Lost cities of Palestine, a documentary produced by al-Jazeera looking at the fully developed culture and cities before the Nakba.

1948 “The birth of a new specimen of human being Veteran British journalist, Alan Hart looks at Zionist leaders and strategy leading to 1948.

Palestinian Refugees: Identity Without a Homeland. Palestinian refugees telling personal stories of the Nakba and what followed. Most are living in refugee camps or scattered elsewhere in the world. (44 min)

The Land Speaks Arabic relies on scholarly research and archival footage documenting the expulsion of Palestinians in lead up to Nakba.

Occupied Palestine (David Koff) Remarkable footage and candid interviews. Met with bomb threats and censorship on US release in 1981.

Deir Yassin Remembered is 33-minute oral history with survivors of the massacre and a tour with Jeff Halper of remains of Deir Yassin.

Sands of Sorrow From 1950, the first documentary about Palestinian refugees. Dorothy Thompson, world famous journalist, was blacklisted after her opposition to Zionism following visit in 1945. (28 min)

Selected film or video titles: The Dupes, The Salt of this Sea, When I Saw You, On the Side of the Road, The Great Book Robbery, Budrus, Defamation, 5 Broken Cameras among dozens of titles.
The most comprehensive film/video resource on Palestinian film – visit to learn more about film and many can be purchased at
Video browsing: YouTube or Vimeo or search on key words.

Short Videos

The short documentaries below are available on YouTube Channel – Hundreds more can be found via searching.

The Untold History of Palestine & Israel is The Empire Files from the Real News Network looks at the long history of Zionist colonization, expansion and expulsion (23 min).

Before Their Diaspora. An interview with Walid Khalidi, the great Palestinian historian on the making of his books and interactive site.

Planning the Nakba: What They Really Said The secret meetings by Zionist leaders in 1947 following UN Partition Plan to ethnical cleanse Palestine. Quotes from Ilan Pappe’s book (10 min)

Palestinian Villages Destroyed and Depopulated During the Nakba. Complete list
with some photographs set to music by Marcel Khalife – The Bridge. (9 min)

Maps, Factsheets & Booklets

(some available as pdf) the map of villages depicted on google maps with full functionality.

Flight and Expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948 a 32-page exhibition guide with excellent history (in pdf)

Nakba: The Process of Palestinian Dispossession, excellent overview of Nakba and the history leading up to it. (24-pages in pdf)

Competition for The Reconstruction of the Destroyed Palestinian Villages, an innovative approach to re-visiting the Nakba and its effects.

A helpful summary in an 8-page factsheet from an Irish solidarity group.

Facing the Nakba offers educational resources to US Jews and general audience about the history of Nakba. Also 4-page factsheet.

The Nakba, 65 Years of Dispossession and Apartheid from – an excellent overview of many stages and elements leading to Nakba. A site with 40 years worth of “The Link” a priceless newsletter which includes the July 2000 issue entitled “The Lydda Death March” of July 1948.  (not to be confused with has a wealth of factsheets on Nakba, Plan D, and other topics concerning history and present situation.

60 Years after the Nakba: Historical Truth, Collective Memory and Ethical Obligations by Nur Masakha, one of the great scholars on the period. (55 pages in pdf).

The Events of 1948 and the Palestinian Refugees an excellent and not too long summary of the main Israeli leaders involved with the Nakba and historians. (17 pages in pdf)

General Palestine-Israel Links on Internet

When it comes to Palestine-Israel, mainstream media cannot be relied on. Internet sources offer the most reliable historical facts, current news and analysis. All sites listed are in English. The sources are qualified and credible. There are many more under each category.

History and Analysis

These sites offer insight, perspective and analysis to contribute to true understanding.

Most sites have social media channels (facebook, twitter, etc.). Almost all offer newsletters either daily, weekly or monthly – please subscribe.

Creative Decolonization

These sites and resources offer new and different ways to think about decolonizing Palestine-Israel.

Jerusalem We Are Here Many cities have a history of displacement, of gentrification, of destruction and rebirth, but in Jerusalem these are the processes of the Nakba, both physical and administrative. Much has been written about the attempts to push out the city’s indigenous Palestinian population, but one filmmaker got together with tour guides, and resurrected the pre-Nakba history of her neighbourhood in digital space.  
 Transplanting a Palestinian Refugee Camp  Palestinian architect Sandi Hill transplants the Daheisha Refugee Camp onto the territory in Israel from which most of the camp’s population was displaced. Through this fascinating experiment, she creates a post-colonial community of the future.
Our Return What if Palestinian youth, with the help of 3D animation, were to design the Palestinian village of the future? In this project, a number of organizations came together to make that possible. With the design of renowned architect Oliver Shalabi, the village of Al Ghabsiya was resurrected and redesigned with a sustainable future in mind. Check out this remarkable simulation on YouTube!
Planning Return  What if a group of architects and municipal planners was to come together and redesign the landscape for the return of the exiled Palestinian refugees? Decolonizing Architecture is a collective of exactly such future-thinkers and a few years ago they surveyed the area of the pre-1948 village of Miska and with the help and consultation of internally displaced residents and refugees living in exile, designed what it could look like if they were able to return. Check out this remarkable and revolutionary project on their site.

A Landscape of Return Consider that the Palestinian refugees’ process of return to Israel will take varying forms, then a broad spectrum of options is necessary. Using  past and present land use patterns to suggest several possible practices of return to establish their own authentic and grounded relationship with the land once more, Austrian architect Nina Valerie Kolowratnik developed a concept for the redevelopment of  the village of Kafr ‘Inan.

Echoing Yafa   According to Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the radio, sounds never die, they just grow progressively fainter. Following this thought, we imagine that all the sounds that have  resonated in this region still reverberate somewhere, however faintly. The audiowalk Echoing Yafa recovers some of those sounds and relocates them to the place that they originated from.