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Nakba is more than one day

In 2023 we commemorate 75 years dispossession and violence faced by the Palestinian people, beginning in the late 1940s, and continuing to this day.  Palestinians refer to these events collectively as the Nakba, Arabic for “catastrophe,” to describe the devastating and on-going impact on their people, cultural and heritage.  Today, Palestinians in Israel live as second-class citizens, those in East Jerusalem and the West Bank live a daily nightmare of occupation, colonization and apartheid, and the Palestinians in Gaza live under a devastating blockade and occupation.  With Nakba75Action.org, we draw awareness to the suffering endured by the Palestinian people, admire their resilience, and call for an end to the ongoing Nakba!”

This site is offered as a public action resource to individuals and groups across the globe to encourage commemoration of the Nakba’s 75th anniversary with powerful and respectful events. It is important that our perspective and work not be limited to one day – Nakba Day/May 15 – but to use the entire year to educate and act in solidarity with Palestine .

Named Nakba75Action.org, this site offers two things: extensive and helpful resource links to inform and learn, and a calendar to submit and share Nakba events taking place anywhere in the world – view events here. It is hoped that these will encourage groups to organize and implement an event or action event in their location. The action can be anything from a small meeting to a large public event or street performance.

Share Nakba75Action.org with your network via email or listservs, or various social media. Submit your event listing to the website with full details and location. Submit interesting websites, comments, corrections, resources to improve this site using contact form. Please plan to hold events and actions online, in meeting rooms or on the street during the 75th year of the Nakba.

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