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USA Boston MA -Remembering and Resisting: 70 Years of Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Copley Square, Boston Boston, United States

Palestinians and their allies in Boston are marking the 70th commemoration of the Nakba - the catastrophic Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestine. In 1948, almost a million Palestinians were violently dispossessed of their homes and land by Zionist settler colonialists. The emerging Israeli state stripped Palestinians of their possessions and livelihood. Many Palestinians were expelled […]

USA Northfield MN – Nakba Commemoration

Bridge Square Division and 4th Street East, Northfield, MN, United States

 “Nakba” (catastrophe) refers to events in 1947-1948 that transpired when the British vacated Palestine and Israel became a state. More than 750,000 Palestinians left their homes and more than 400 villages were destroyed. Families are left with their keys and their memories. This “temporary” expulsion is 70 years old this year and the ethnic cleansing […]


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